Soccermetrics Connect API

Info:Soccer Analytics API for datasets captured under the Marcotti-Summary data schema.
Author:Howard Hamilton of Soccermetrics Research.

This is the official documentation of the Marcotti-Summary API – part of the Soccermetrics API collection.

The Soccermetrics APIs are sports modeling and analytics layers on top of in-match data sources at various levels of complexity. We deliver advanced match analysis of data in an accessible form and make it easier for end-users to create their own customized analysis tools on sports data.

Marcotti-Summary (formerly FMRD-Summary) is shorthand for the Football Match Result and Summary Database. It is a schema that captures historical data about a football (soccer) match plus summary in-match statistics on participating players. The schema is designed to be compatible with the MCFC Analytics initiative sponsored by Manchester City Football Club and Opta Sports.


The Marcotti-Summary data schema and API are neither associated with nor endorsed by Opta Sports, Manchester City Football Club, or any other sports data company or football club.

Current Version

This API documentation corresponds to version 0.9 of the Marcotti-Summary API.


This API is in a developing stage, so resources and their data representations are subject to change. We will communicate all changes to the API through this documentation.


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