Soccermetrics Connect API

Info:Full-featured football data and analytics API.
Author:Soccermetrics Research.

This is the official documentation of the Soccermetrics Connect API.

The Soccermetrics APIs are sports modeling and analytics layers on top of in-match data sources at various levels of complexity. We deliver advanced match analysis of data in an accessible form and make it easier for end-users to create their own customized analysis tools on sports data.

Current Version

This API documentation corresponds to version 1.0 of the Connect API.

Current Competitions

As of this time, Soccermetrics Connect API does not distribute data from club competitions. However we do distribute data from the following national team competitions:

Competition Supplier
2014 FIFA World Cup Press Association


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Developer Forum

We now have a Developer Forum where you can submit questions about the Connect API and its applications, or share knowledge that would be of interest to the developer community. The forum is located at